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Which Wedding Live Stream Platform to Use?

Live streaming your wedding can be a great way to keep friends and family safe without them missing a single moment. Planning a live stream all starts with the platform you want to host it on! There's tons of different options, and each will have a different impact on how your guests interact. We've made a complete list of each major platform, including all their pros and cons, so you can make the right choice.

Why Does the Platform Matter?

Each platform has different levels of interaction between the online and physical guests. Being able to see and talk to online guests can be great during the reception/cocktail hour, but disruptive during the ceremony. In addition, some platforms require software downloads, account signup, or complicated settings to tune in. For elderly or less "techy" guests, this can be a struggle.


Zoom has become one of the most used live platforms for meetings, webinars, and events. Zoom meetings allow for everyone to see and hear each other to give their congratulations.


  • See and hear your guests

  • Easy to send out invites

  • Can record everyone's reactions


  • Complicated for guests to join

  • Need to download software

  • Can cause disruptions during the ceremony



  • Can be accessed through a single URL

  • No disruptions during the ceremony

  • High quality video stream


  • No guest webcams

  • Not as interactive

Facebook Live


  • Easy to setup

  • Can be found by friends

  • High quality video stream


  • Difficult to manage invites

  • Not as interactive



  • Easy to setup on a phone

  • Can be found by followers


  • Requires viewers to download app and create account

  • Can't be made private

  • Difficult to manage invites

Our Recommendation

When we run our wedding live streams, we usually suggest having 2 separate platforms! We have the ceremony streamed on Youtube or Zoom Webinar to prevent interruptions and make it easy to join. During the reception or cocktail hour we switch to a Zoom Meeting to allow everyone to see each other and give congratulations! This gives the best of both, allowing for interaction when you want it, and simplicity when you don't.

Still confused about which platform to use? Give us a shout! A free consultation is on us, even if you end up running the live stream yourself. We'll help you sort through all the options and find the platform that's right for your wedding!

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